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Public Speaking And Presentation Proficiency

Public speaking is a skill that needs to be tamed as when you get on the stage stand in front of a bunch of people you might get stage fright. Either you might get stage fright of losing the words to speak thus affecting your delivery. With our trained instructors…

Signature Course For Master Trainers

The maestro in communication and presentation skills who has delivered the course of communication and voice variation and body language in national institute of management Karachi Quetta Islamabad Lahore and the extract of his sorted career spanning in 40 years. This course will not only help you become a better…

Certificate In Career Consultancy

Choosing a career is a tricky option as there are various career options in this society and choosing a specific career might look like defining your life. But in reality, it is defining your way of living. Career consultancy is a field where you have the privilege to guide people…

Personal And Professional Grooming Skills

This program is specifically designed for chief executives, trainers, politicians and government officials to have a groomed personality in communication comprising of voice and physical appearance. This course is tailored to individuals at a personal level of attention. This course from The SIM Institute will definitely help you in becoming…

Critical Thinking And Communication Skills

How to become a master of thinking? A rhetorical inquiry but hints about the innumerable ways you can advance and enhance your thinking ability and capabilities. Via the various methods of thinking that exist, grasping one concept firmly will completely change the perspective of how you used to think and…

Master Your Voice For Voice

Master Your Voice For Voice. It is one of our courses where you will be able to understand the aesthetic of your voice. No! We don’t teach you or train you in singing or making your voice perfect but what we focus on in this course is far bigger and…

Certificate In Clinical Skills For Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Dysphasia – Dysphagia

Discovering the clear concept of Dysphagia & Dysphasia Clinical competence to handle the challenge of a new frontier Introduction There are two relatively common medical conditions that are treated by the same therapist and afflict the same type of patient — in most cases, these individuals are victims of stroke.…

Discover Yourself

As the journey of life perpetually continues to throw various obstacles and challenges in our way, one must be aware and self-aware in order to sustain. How and what can one do to survive? Before these inquiries are addressed, you must truly discover yourself, then only we can move forward.…

Master Life Skills Program

Discovering yourself as a human being and a follower of the last Prophet. Learning the socio-religious mannerism strengthening the belief that our life does not terminate at death. Every Muslim should have the tools to travel till the next time.