Shakeel Ahmed Khan

My Mentor

Dr. Julia Miyo                              2005

Department Of Physiatry NewYork Medical College, NewYork                  USA

My Vocal Coach

Alicia Bales                                2016

Voice And Speech Studio ELOQUENCE San Francisco

Shakeel Ahmed Khan, as part of merchant navy, has traveled the world extensively in the past 24 years. He’s made new friends from different cultures, discovered alien tastes and learnt from the all the multicultural dialogues he’s participated in. For Shakeel, interacting with people from different religions has been very inspiring in the path of realizing God.
He’s always had an insatiable appetite for learning about human interaction and psychology, and he didn’t let an engineering degree hold him back. His foray into sharing his wealth of knowledge was at National Institute of Management, which led to other educational institutions reaching out to him for training and coaching sessions. Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan is a accomplished Public Speaker, trained under the mentorship of Dr. Julia Mayo, New York Medical College, New York.
While on land between voyages and at a greater speed after leaving sea, he did his double Masters in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology and Philosophy. This was followed by MPhil in Social Psychology. Currently as a PhD scholar, he’s conducting research on stuttering.
Recently as a Clinical Fellow at Napa State Hospital, California, completed his training and certification in the use of Ampcare’s Effective Swallowing Protocol [ESP]. He is a professional member of Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA – USA), and International Affiliate of American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).
In 2018 he was awarded a status of Diplomate and Senior Analyst from American Board of Disability Analyst (ABDA).