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Theme For 2018START A COURSEWe are determined to help you in boosting your confidence
and creating bold impression to command
professional and personal image
in society through our interactive sessions. Interactive Sessions


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Our Consultant

With our experienced trainers discover the healthy spirit,
dynamic life skills and ethical dimension of our society
Lets discover the life in terms of self growth and service to humanity. Training Consultants


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Experts and experienced professionals of our society deliver their
treasured ideas. Speech-Language Pathologists, Psychologists,
Otolaryngologists, Religious scholars, Voice-Over gurus, Professional
Actors, Playwrights and Authors60 Minutes Master Class

Friendly Environment

Professional Trainers

Interactive Sessions

Our Institute

Society of Image Management is an institute established with the intention to mould emerging managers (of all ages and across all professions) into better versions of themselves and inevitably be better citizens. SIM’s mandate is to provide a wide range of courses to develop and hone skills that will essentially help managers evolve into great leaders.

Following are some of the programs and consultations offered:
1. Imparting soft skills, considered equally important as hard skills if not more so
2. Grooming of an individual’s inner personality and outer appearance by drawing attention to how a person’s wardrobe can project self-confidence and influence others’ perception of us
3. Voice, oratory and presentation skills
4. Speech, Breathing problems and swallowing difficulties in children and adults especially for patients of Parkinson’s and dementia.
5. Short courses on Speech Pathology, Social Psychology, Disability Analysis and Marine Engineering.


California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology LLC, is an online institute with an admin office in Fairfield, CA.
CIBNP is providing Data science programs, Research paper writing & publishing programs for international medical graduates, Thesis writing programs for Masters and PhDs, Motivational speaking programs, Health & Fitness programs, Personal and Professional Relationships, Career (Training for IMGs, Certifications),Finance, Personal Development & Self Improvement, Training in Public Speaking.


Featured Courses


Public Speaking And Presentation Proficiency

Shakeel Ahmed Khan
Public speaking is a skill that needs to be tamed as when you get on the stage stand in front of a bunch of people you might get stage fright. Either you might get stage fright of losing the words to speak thus affecting your delivery. With our trained instructors…


Signature Course For Master Trainers

Shakeel Ahmed Khan
The maestro in communication and presentation skills who has delivered the course of communication and voice variation and body language in national institute of management Karachi Quetta Islamabad Lahore and the extract of his sorted career spanning in 40 years. This course will not only help you become a better…


Certificate In Career Consultancy

Shakeel Ahmed Khan
Choosing a career is a tricky option as there are various career options in this society and choosing a specific career might look like defining your life. But in reality, it is defining your way of living. Career consultancy is a field where you have the privilege to guide people…


Personal And Professional Grooming Skills

Shakeel Ahmed Khan
This program is specifically designed for chief executives, trainers, politicians and government officials to have a groomed personality in communication comprising of voice and physical appearance. This course is tailored to individuals at a personal level of attention. This course from The SIM Institute will definitely help you in becoming…


Critical Thinking And Communication Skills

Shakeel Ahmed Khan
How to become a master of thinking? A rhetorical inquiry but hints about the innumerable ways you can advance and enhance your thinking ability and capabilities. Via the various methods of thinking that exist, grasping one concept firmly will completely change the perspective of how you used to think and…

Watch Our Campus Promo Video

Take a tour of our campus with this video you can view
the life on our campus and what we are and who we are.

Guests And Mentors

Our Blogs

Career Counseling

Choosing a respective career that supports your passion and your skills is hard in this society. Due to the lack of jobs and the majority of unemployment, this is hard for people who want to become successful with what they love doing.

Discover Yourself

As the journey of life perpetually continues to throw various obstacles and challenges in our way, one must be aware and self-aware in order to sustain. How and what can one do to survive?

Grooming Skills Program

Personal grooming and awareness is the most essential thing in a person’s life. At some stage, he/she would really care about their personality and their social life.

Life Coaching

Understanding the essence of life is a key to living life to its fullest. It is a fact that our religion Islam has proved to be a symbol of peace and prosperity hence most people around the world.

Master Thinking

Thinking is a process where you should be able to diagnose all possibilities. There are some people who are natural-born detectives whose minds are trained in such a way that they are able to break down any scenario just in their mind

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Asif Amin


“I enriched my knowledge, I learned an effective way of thinking as well as a way of talking. The whole sessions were amazing which consisted of interesting discussions. Style of imparting ideas, transforming deep-rooted knowledge and explaining the material was great.

Mr. Hanif


With Sir Shakeel Ahmed Khan I have learned so much about ethics and my responsibility to this society. The courses at Sim Institute are unique and will teach you the lesson of your life. You will never find such teachings and guidance about your life in any institution.

Dr. Maeen

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With this course, I have self-evaluated myself and now I can be a better person and a better doctor with the guidance and fundamental teaching from Sir Shakeel Ahmed Khan. He explained everything in such an elaborated way that now I know more about myself and about this society.



The experience has been resounding. To be able to learn so many concepts with such depth and clarity in such a short time is one hell of an experience. The amount of information I took away from the course master your voice for voice is an asset for me.

Dr. Maria

SLP and Physiotherapist

I thoroughly enjoyed courses from here and hope to expand on my gained knowledge to make a better environment in this society. The courses, as well as the examples, are well presented, the guidance was professional and to the point.



The Course is unique never saw such a grooming course. With this course I learned about myself and now I will try to make myself a better person for this society and for myself as well.